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The Malabar Beach Resort

Golden sands, cool breeze, coconut fringed surroundings, pristine atmosphere, salubrious weather, the music of waves enhance the canvas of Thottada beach with immense beauty. The Malabar Beach Resort is an elegant and luxurious bungalow hotel located on the shores of Thottada beach, Kannur, Kerala. A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, this North Malabar beach resort has enough exciting elements to impress any traveller spectacularly.

It is nestled on an acre of land with modern amenities. It’s in harmony with the picturesque landscape, offers overwhelming views, and provides comfort and leisure. The unspoilt beach of Thottada lapped by the warm waters of Arabian Sea offers panoramic views and splendid memories to tourists all across the world. It is an ideal beach for swimming and sun bathing, a perfect paradise for couples, families, and groups, and safe zone playing area for kids.
An in-house Ayurvedic spa and Centre for Yoga and Meditation offer chance to try out traditional holistic therapies to rejuvenate and de stress.


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